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European Union at EXPO Dubai 2020

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An economy that works for the people

Next time you visit the supermarket and pick up a jar of your favourite hazelnut cocoa spread, there is a good chance you are supporting trade with Europe.

Over 600,000 small businesses in Europe sell goods and services to the rest of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic caused severe disruptions to trade between countries. The EU and its international partners have been since working tirelessly to find solutions.

Globally concerted efforts are paramount. Never more so than showcased by EU’s unprecedented investment on R&I to speed up vaccine production timings and subsequent coordination to roll-out national vaccination campaigns.

The NextGenerationEU recovery plan will repair some of the immediate damage at home. It will also help kickstart our economies, thus stimulate global trade again so we’ll continue to stock our shelves with world renowned European delicacies.

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