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International Panel of the EU Farm to Fork Conference

Building sustainable food systems together

The panel will underline international opportunities of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • to

Practical information

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EU Farm to Fork
Farm to Fork

The event will bring together key actors from around the globe responsible for researching, planning, managing and implementing food systems reforms in line with the farm to fork strategy. Delegates will comprise national authorities, relevant national and regional agencies, researchers, farmers, input industry, food business operators, consumers, social partners and youth representatives. This event will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion on

  • how to make our food system sustainable,
  • how to slash emissions and reverse the decline in biodiversity by reducing the environmental and climate footprint of the EU food system and strengthen its resilience
  • how to protect citizens' health and ensure the livelihoods of economic operators, i.e. how to provide affordable healthy diets while ensuring sufficient farm income
  • how to mobilise consumers, farmers incl. younger ones, fishers, private sector, food business operators (from farm to fork), NGOs, policymakers, R&I world, schools/universities, finance community and investors to support this transition and achieve impact on the ground (best practices). Research and innovation will be a cross-cutting topic.

The conference will provide a forum for the presentation of successful Horizon 2020 projects and EIP-AGRI operational groups.