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Leveraging on EU International Outreach activities for promoting Human-Centric AI at the global level

The European perspective for shaping human centric AI

The event will gather High-Level speakers from the EU and International Organisations members of the GlobalPolicyAI platform to discuss and build consensus on the ethical implications of human centric AI.

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The European perspective for shaping human centric AI

In line with the main theme of Expo Dubai, “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future: through sustainability, mobility and opportunity”, and the focus of the Travel and Connectivity Week: How will we balance the impact of the digital world expansion with our physical reality? the event will be organised in a hybrid form, with a formal session of the High-Level Policy Workshop on Human-Centric AI broadcasted in web streaming.

The main goal of the High Level event is to build consensus at the international level on the ethical implications and regulatory aspects of a global approach to human-centric AI, aligned to the European values and universally recognised principles.

To this end, the European perspective on AI will be presented by High-Level speakers from EU Institutions and Member States, and discussed with representatives of International Organisations members of the GlobalPolicy.AI platform (e.g. UN, UNESCO, OECD, World Bank).

The event will be complemented by a restricted workshop at technical level with representatives of EU institutions and Member States, likeminded countries and selected experts from academia, industry and civil society to animate the discussion with presentations and speeches.

In addition, the event may include an exhibition and showcase [tbc] of a Prize on Human-Centric AI launched by the European Commission through the project, and open to individual scientists, artists, practitioners and activists, with the aim to showcase in a multi-media/interactive manner the results of a project on AI or an artistic composition about AI - or using AI (e.g. music, human-machine interaction, etc.). Several topics and categories will be identified, including for example: heritage preservation, conflict mediation, social inclusion, etc. and the winners of the prizes (the best 3) will be invited to showcase their project or artistic composition, through a performance or exhibition in the Pavillons of different interested EU Member States.